A picture of myself!

👋 Hi! Welcome to my personal website! I am Steven Seiden, a computer science undergraduate with a concentration in cybersecurity at Louisiana State University's Ogden Honors College. I enjoy programming, photography, videography, hiking, cooking, Geocaching and taking care of succulents. I am currently doing research in Dr. Chen Wang's Mobile and Internet Security (MIST) Lab. I am also a Research Ambassador for LSU Discover.

I have a strong interest in iOS and macOS app development, as well as the security within said platforms. In my free time I enjoy tinkering with technology, trying out different Linux distros, learning about OS security, repairing old electronics, and more.

I am currently doing research on the privacy implications of having your camera on during a web conference. I am also working with team "Loading..." on a project that aims to update LSU's virtual schedule booklet.

Fall 2020-Spring 2021 I worked in the IT department of LSU's CCT. In 2017 I worked under Dr. Steven Brandt at LSU in the REHSS program. During this time, I programmed a GUI for his garbage collection algorithm.

Examples of my work can be found here on my website and GitHub profile.


• [June 2022] Attending IEEE's CVPR '22 conference in New Orleans
• [April 2022] Presented at LSU's 2022 Discover Day and was one of the top scorers in the College of Engineering
• [April 2022] Presented at the 2021 Stanford Research Conference
• [Mar 2022] Attended the MobiCom '21 conference in New Orleans
• [Nov 2021] Presented research project to the LSU Industry Advisory Council

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