A picture of myself!

Steven R. Seiden
Undergraduate Student
Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College
Louisiana State University
Baggil(i) Truth Lab
Mobile and Internet Security Lab

👋 Hi! Welcome to my personal website! I am Steven Seiden, a computer science undergraduate with a concentration in cybersecurity at LSU, an NSA CAE-CO school. I enjoy photography, cooking, yoga, badminton, cycling and taking care of my many houseplants. My technology-related hobbies include tinkering with old technology (software and hardware), trying out different Linux distros, repairing old electronics, and more.


Areas of Interest: Cybersecurity, Systems Security, Software Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Reverse Engineering.

At LSU I am working on a live iOS application security analysis project under Dr. Ibrahim (Abe) Baggili. I'm also working with Dr. Chen Wang on detecting user distraction within online conference calls. I am the Point Secretary for the Society of Peer Mentors at LSU, and represent LSU's undergraduate research initiatives office, LSU Discover, as an LSU Research Ambassador.

From May-July 2023, I participated in an REU at Rice University. There I performed a security analysis of the distributed network congestion control algorithm Poseidon under Dr. Eugene Ng.


• [November 2023] My paper I’ve Got You, Under My Skin: Biohacking Augmentation Implant Forensics has been accepted to EAI ICDF2C 2023 in New York City!
• [July 2023] Presenting On the Application of Synthetic Media to Penetration Testing with Nathalia Soares at ACM ASIACCS WDC
• [May 2023] My work on webcam privacy research is being presented at IEEE's S&P 2023
• [April 2022] Presented at LSU's 2022 Discover Day - top scorer in the College of Engineering and cash prize recipient
• [April 2022] Presented at the 2021 Stanford Research Conference
• [Mar 2022] Attended the MobiCom '21 conference in New Orleans
• [Nov 2021] Presented research project to the LSU Industry Advisory Council

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