Shift Reduce Parser Calculator

A screenshot of my Shift Reduce Parser Calculator
A Simple Shift Reduce Parser Calculator and Visualization.

Revamped Schedule Booklet

A screenshot of our revamped schedule booklet, showing various courses being displayed
As part of LSU team 'Loading...', I worked to create a new LSU schedule booklet with features that would make finding courses easier. This project allows users to sort courses by date, time, availability, and more. I aided in programming both front and backend, as well as being one of two team leaders.


A screenshot of the game starting, showing a stylized 2048 logo. A screenshot of the game board, containing various numbers.
A complete game of 2048 that I wrote in C++. It has many features, such as number coloring, high scores, a customizable board size, and more.

Distributed Garbage Collector Simulator GUI

An animation displaying the program's ability to keep track of nodes and roots.
An interactive GUI I created for Dr. Steven Brandt's garbage collection simulator in Java. It allows users to simulate different configurations of nodes, edges and roots. It was my project while working at LSU in the CCT's REHSS program.


An animation showing the breakout game being played.
A recreation of the classic game Breakout in GoLang. It utilizes the RayLib library.